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Years ago when I was a teenager, we would goto the local college MWC,
now UMW, to see "rock" concerts...
It was there the students chanted "Go home Frednecks..."
Years later, more than a decade, I have a profound love and joy for Fredericksburg, Va..
The Town is full of talented Artists and Musicians, and run but a bunch of thieves.
It is also filled with individuals preoccupied with nascar who are dedicated to jacking up their trucks, sporting mullets, and cruzin' route 1....
I am proud to call it my home, where anything can happen, and almost anything does.


The above link is a documented story of eleven years of service to the community where Ken Crampton was slightly reimbursed for about six out of eleven years. First Night is a celebration traditionally used by communities to help promote, and compensate their regional artists. Ken Crampton has been an active consultant, and participating artist in the First Night Fredericksburg Celebration since its inception, whether the city has approved or not. Ken has spent thousands of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of hours working on performances for First Night Fredericksburg. These performances included many local residents, either as performers in the artistic endeavors or as spectators. None of these endeavors would be successful if it wasn't for the supporting communities. Ken Crampton has chosen not to be a part of First Night Fredericksburg 2005 because of the constant insults, lack of educated individuals, and political involvement in the festival's management (Yes, these I do take personally). Copyright material is a very hard battle: finding suitable legal representation in the Fredericksburg area has proven to be a waist of energy. Ken Crampton was approached by another local municipality, who has contributed to First Night Fredericksburg for a number of years, to start a First Night. Ken has chosen not to fracture the regional cooperation for this festival, but does not support the decisions made by the current First Night Committee.
My biggest worry is that I will not be the only Artist ripped off by the Fredericksburg Government.


We are starting a New Celebration for the New Year Please contact me if you are interested in getting involved... ken@everybodydrum.com


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